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Investing in student and employee wellbeing

Our Programme Offer


The Nurturing Programme forms the basis of our work to support organisational culture and the relationships necessary for the process of learning. We have 20 years of experience in delivering, evaluating and developing the Nurturing Programme which takes a cognitive relational rather than behavioural approach.

Current challenges in schools in the UK are leading to a new understanding that we need to approach things differently. Emotional Health at School will work in partnership with you to equip staff, parents and pupils with the environment they need in order to fulfil their roles, sustain their own wellbeing and flourish in their learning together.

We are one of a very few organisations who want to work in real partnership with you. Over time, you can expect to see a deep and significant change in the emotional health of your school community and the many positives outcomes this will bring.

Following an initial consultation, you can choose from one of four programme options to work with us, that are made up of half, full day, and twilight sessions and also online options. We deliver a broad range of content including:

  • Pupil Voice

  • Developing Emotional Resilience

  • Understanding Teenagers

  • Relationships and Sex Education

  • Staff Wellbeing

  • Social Media

  • SLT reflective session

  • Working effectively with parents

  • Online Module on Supporting good mental health

  • Training to run parent groups (4 or 10 week programmes)

…Significant improvements in pupils’ behaviour. Most notably pupils reported to inspectors that the school provides them with an environment where their talents are nurtured, where they feel safer, and where they know more clearly what they have to do to succeed.
— HMI inspection of Windale Primary, February 2016