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Investing in student and employee wellbeing

Our Whole School Approach



Emotional Health at School Happy Student

We support you to enhance a school community whose ethos encourages:

  • A nurturing environment for good mental health
  • Promotion of pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development which meets the Ofsted requirement
  • Emotionally healthy learning environments
  • Peer group co-operation
  • The use of positive behaviour management strategies and techniques to manage challenging situations
  • Managing staff stress levels and wellbeing in and out of the classroom
  • Encouraging parents to engage fully in their child’s learning and develop healthy relationships at home


Through our range of programmes and resources we support you to develop a whole school approach to emotional health, building a culture of trust and respect for learning to flourish.  This includes work with staff, students themselves, their parents and carers and the wider community.

We work with Early Years Settings, Primary and Secondary schools and Further Education Institutions across the UK to support emotionally healthy environments for individuals to flourish.

  • We support school communities where individuals feel safe, valued and respected. 

  • We provide tools to create a purposeful learning environment which is focused, disciplined and purposeful.

  • We empower children and adults to develop a strong sense of choice and responsibility as well as a belief in their own ability to affect change.


Our framework offers a model for universal support, creating an environment which promotes emotional health for the whole community, including those with current life challenges and/or an existing mental health condition. Targeted or tailored support may be necessary for those struggling, however, universal emotional health support offers a dual-pronged approach to boosting individual resilience: improving the emotional health of the community and equipping everyone within it with the necessary skills to provide a supportive, compassionate environment.

This will include supporting pupils, staff and parents to cultivate each of the emotional health assets, in addition to fostering a culture which enables this.


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We listen - in order to understand your unique context, the skills and areas you want to develop for your school and to understand your culture and what interventions you already may have in place. 




We explore possible options and solutions with you.  We agree an approach to embedding emotional health into the culture of your school including options from our own menu of provision and signposting you to partners.


We deliver on the agreed approach - whether you are part of the intensive one year programme or receive a one day training, ensuring we are assessing the impact we have and amending the approach as necessary.